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Jose Arroyo aka “Chive” culinary career began early on, inspired by his grandmothers’ love of cooking traditional meals for their family ranch in the culinary styles of Huasteca and Puebla.  Both areas are known for their delicious seafood, rich braised meats, famous Mole Sauce and Puebla is noted for its sophisticated French influenced bread culture.  All the hints of Chive’s younger years are evident in his culinary expertise today.  During his time at Culinary School at the Universidad del Valle de Puebla Chive opened his own pastry shop and offered a multitude of unique and delicious cakes, pies, delectable sweets and breads to pay his way through school.


Upon graduation and receiving his culinary degree, Chive worked in some of the top restaurants in Puebla and for eleven years he gained vast experience in Mexican, South American and Mediterranean cuisines.  Eventually moving to San Jose Del Cabo, Chive took the position as Executive Chef at Jazz Tapas Bar before stepping into his new role as Sous Chef at District MX Eat + Drink when it opened its doors in July 2016. At District mx, Chive worked extensively with Chef Kris and became the heart and soul of the Kitchen, eventually stepping up into the position of Executive Chef.  Driven by a mission to continually improve, Chive is best known for his inspiration to offer the best quality & service with a personal touch for every guest.  You will often find him preparing a guests’ fresh catch of fish in five different ways, capturing every possible delightful flavor and presenting it beautifully to the table.  He delights himself on continually improving District’s menu, motivating and training his team to offer the best international cuisine possible, bringing these flavors to the locals and tourists of the area, making everyone feel like they are home in the District.


Food is Love, enjoy!!


Chef Chive

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